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In Louisiana, there are 16 CACs that help child victims of abuse through investigative, treatment, and prevention services. CACs help kids of all ages share their experiences with law enforcement detectives and Department of Child and Family Services investigators. Then, through the CAC response team, everyone works together to ensure that no child faces abuse alone. Last year in Louisiana, over 6,000 child victims and their families were brought to a CAC as part of an abuse investigation. 

This October, legislators and their staff from around the state are invited to “Meet Your CAC!” As legislators prepare for office, their support is important to the children of Louisiana and CACs. If you are a legislator, staff member, or running for office, we’d love to have you visit for a tour. You can email to schedule a visit.

State Funding

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Statistics for 2018

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1 in 10 children will be abused

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Types of abuse reported

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